Skeg guard is just what it says it is, guards your skeg from damage. However that may be, but boat control is the key. While a skeg guard is a protector of unforeseen collisions there are many ways to do this in today’s market. The brand named SKEG GUARD is one of these products. It is a stainless steel cover that goes over your skeg and is installed by drilling two holes into the skeg of the gear case lower unit and bolted in place with special bolts. There are a couple versions of this type of product on the market today. The pro and cons of this type of product are as we see it. Pro’s nice stainless steel cover that will not corrode. Con’s drilling holes into the lower unit gear case could possibly weaken it (2) could possibly cause a warranty issue with the manufacture. (3) If an impact does a cure the bolts are designed to shear and the cover comes off and the skeg is there for protected, however you loose the very expensive cover.
Skeg Guard
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